Our Valentines Day Deals

Valentines Day Deals

With Valentines Day around the corner nows the time to start looking into Valentine’s Day deals. Here at Salon Madeleine, we have a great Valentine’s Day deal going on. When you invite a friend who comes in before March 31st you will receive a $50 gift as well as they will receive $20 off of… Read more »


What are the Benefits of Facial Massages?

Facial Massage may be the secret to unlocking your hidden beauty A facial massage can be a great addition to your skincare routine. they are like a mini-workout for your face. It massages the key facial muscles and pressure points, and it can provide many benefits. One of the main reasons people have facial massages… Read more »


What Is My Hair Type?

Hair Types Everyone is born with a unique hair type and texture. However, you can change how your type of hair looks. There are four main types of hair. These types are straight, wavy, curly, and coily. If you are unsure about what category your hair falls into, you can wash your hair without products… Read more »


Balayage – Advanced Color Techniques

Bala-what? Forget the foil and upgrade to Balayage for your next hair color treatment. Balayage comes from the French term, “to sweep or to paint”, and it totally makes sense. This style of hair coloring is painted on to the hair for a natural, sweeping color application, giving your hair a multidimensional look that will… Read more »


Best Summer Hair Trends of 2020

If you ended up impulsively giving yourself a new haircut during all those months in quarantine, chances are that you want to head on over to Salon Madeleine to finally fix those choppy cuts once and for all. Thankfully, with summer now fully in swing, you can be one of the first to hop on… Read more »