Vibrant Hair Color

Vibrant Hair - Salon Madeline

Looking for a new hair color? There are plenty of great colorful hair inspirations on every social media platform. Finding the perfect purple, amber, lilac, pink, blush, blue, or any color in between is the easy part. The tricky part is capturing that color flawlessly. Many at-home semi-permanent and permanent hair dyes offer ‘vibrant’ color for any hair color. Still, if you’re looking for a hair look that will stand out and demand attention, you’ll want an Aveda colorist. 

How To Get Vibrant Hair Color

At Salon Madeleine, we only use Aveda color on our clients. Aveda offers colors that create vibrant and multi-dimensional hair color while keeping damage to a minimum. Aveda color is 97% naturally derived, which means you get a more natural color without synthetic materials like other hair dyes. When you’re dying your hair a beautiful pink, blue, orange, purple, or green, you want it to stay that way, and thanks to Aveda color, your color can end up lasting longer than the typical dye. Your color can last because Adeva color is known for being fade-resistant.

Your Aveda colorist can also give you relevant details of how to keep your hair vibrant and look salon new between visits! Aveda’s Color Conserve line can help you combat fading and protect your beautiful vibrant hair color. Typically we recommend a touch up every four to six weeks to keep your hair color standing out from the crowd. If you’re ready for a big hair change, make sure you do it right and book now with an Aveda colorist. Call us at 321-848-1847 or book an appointment online. Our salon is at 7954 N. Wickham Rd. Suites 102 & 103, Melbourne, FL 32940. Interested in seeing our work? Check out our Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest page for our hair art!

Maintaining Vibrant Hair Color

Walking out of the salon with beautifully vibrant, colorful hair is a feeling like no other. The color is bright, your hair is soft, and everyone is complimenting you. You’ve spent a fair amount of money making sure you selected a great hair colorist, and you want to protect your investment by making your vibrant hair color last. Maintaining vibrant hair color is almost as important as choosing a colorist and scheduling touch up appointments. No matter what color you’ve decided to go with, selecting pro-products is one of the best decisions you can make. At Salon Madeleine, we recommend the Color Conserve line that prevents vibrant hair from fading. The Color Conserve line includes: 

  • Color Conserve Shampoo
  • Color Conserve Conditioner
  • Color Conserve Strengthening Treatment
  • Color Conserve Daily Color Protect

Although we strongly recommend the Color Conserve line, other professional lines are specifically formulated to protect and ensure your color doesn’t fade away. Just make sure you are getting a shampoo and conditioner that is for color-treated hair and is sulfate-free!

One of the best things you can do to keep your vibrant hair color strong and beautiful is to avoid over washing your hair. Here are a few tips to keep that vibrant hair glowing: 

  1. Wait 72 hours after the salon to wash
  2. Don’t wash your hair with hot water
  3. Use dry shampoo to avoid over washing
  4. Keep up with touch-up appointments
  5. Use professional shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair

These steps can help you keep that day one salon look in between your touch-ups! Remember to talk with your colorist and get their recommendations. Everyone has different hair textures, lengths, color, and thickness, so having a stylist you can recommend a line specifically for your hair will ensure you achieve the results and maintenance you’re looking for.

Get Vibrant Hair Color in Melbourne, FL

Experience the Aveda difference and make an appointment with one of our Aveda colorists! Create a dramatic look with vibrant purple, blue, green, pink, or orange when you choose a salon that only uses the best! The colorist at Salon Madeline can help you achieve vibrant hair color you’ll love. Get hair that demands attention and inspires confidence. Stop settling for typical box color and get the real deal that you’ve seen on social media. Book an appointment online on our booking page or call us at 321-848-1847. We offer different hair package options specifically suited to your individual needs. Check out our salon services page for more information on services. See you soon!