Tulasāra Treatments

Are you ready to receive one of the best facials that you’ve ever had? If so, let us guide you through all the juicy details on why Salon Madeleine offers outstanding facial Tulāsara treatments by Aveda. Skin can be a defining feature when it comes to choosing the right beauty product or treatment. Each facial is based on the personal needs and goals of the client’s skin. No matter what one’s skin type or texture is, everyone is sure to receive a skin-changing experience that stimulates the five senses.  

What is Tulāsara?

In Sanskrit, Tulāsara means moving toward balance. Aveda combines the power of plants with ancient wisdom and modern science to produce beautiful, lasting results. This treatment addresses dry, oily, aging, and sensitive skin conditions. It will work to brighten the skin, improve its texture, help retain moisture, provide protection, and decrease the appearance of any fine lines or wrinkles that one may have.

Perfectly Designed Treatments

Before the Tulāsara treatment begins, our esthetician, a.k.a skin therapist, will begin a skin consultation to assess any skin issues or needs. Once completed, the esthetician will combine various techniques and aromas to help design the perfect treatment to bring the skin back into balance, therefore, revealing its already natural beauty. Salon Madeleine offers these treatments in 30 to 90-minute sessions depending on the techniques determined to be most suitable for your skin’s unique needs. With your skin’s health in mind, the skin therapist will also curate a comprehensive treatment plan to meet individual skin needs and expectations moving forward.

What The Facial Includes

There is so much to expect from this Aveda-based facial treatment. During all facial Tulāsara treatments, the client will receive facial brushing as well as a relaxing facial massage. To learn more about the features of this specific facial, please keep reading.

Facial Brushing

During the treatment, the esthetician will use a dry brushing technique. This step may sound unpleasant, but clients often describe it as calming and satisfying. The dry brushing feature of the facial will stimulate the blood flow within the face and remove any dead skin cells on its surface. There is no need to worry about rough bristles as the Aveda brush is perfectly soft on the skin while still providing excellent results.

Face and Shoulder Massage

Not all facials are created equal. In fact, many other salons don’t offer facial massages during their treatments. Here at Salon Madeleine, we take care of our clients through every treatment. During a client’s Tulāsara treatment, we provide a stress-reducing face and shoulder massage while the treatment works its magic to brighten the skin.

Toxin Drainage

The Tulāsara treatment works on way more than just the aesthetics of the skin. Tulslāra can drain potentially harmful toxins in the skin, revealing a more beautiful and balanced complexion. Using special Aveda techniques combined with the dry brushing feature, these toxins will begin to drain from the pores and skin’s deeper levels. Let’s work on your skin from the inside out!

Bring Tulāsara Home With You

Follow-up care is an integral part of Tulāsara treatments. We provide at-home treatment products that your skin will not only crave but will also significantly benefit it after treatment. Anyone can purchase these products at the salon. A few of the products we offer are the Tulāsara Daily Facial Moisturizer and the Tulāsara Daily Radiant Awakening Ritual.

Tulāsara Daily Facial Treatment

This excellent at-home product has the power to restore the skin with its concentrated and targeted treatments. It will help to firm, brighten and calm the skin down. To use, you simply layer the concentrate under your preferred moisturizer twice daily in the morning and night.

Tulāsara Daily Radiant Awakening Ritual

The daily ritual product has two steps to it. First, begin to dry-brush the skin, much like what the esthetician did during the facial treatment. The second step is to apply the Oleation oil onto the skin. The Oleation oil restores the skin with its 97% natural blend of plant oils that are intended to be massaged into the face after dry brushing occurs. First, use Aveda’s dry brush to exfoliate the skin and rid of any dead skin cells that can obstruct the absorption process. Once that step is complete, apply the Oleation oil to awaken and nourish the skin thoroughly.

Aveda found that 94% of women who use this product reported their skin immediately felt smoother, more nourished, and refined. In addition to that, roughly 85% of women said that their skin immediately looked more radiant.

Tulāsara Facial Treatments at Salon Madeleine

At Salon Madeleine, we want you to experience the Aveda difference. For this reason, we’d love for new and returning customers to book an appointment with our skin specialist for some much-needed face and body TLC. Our salon is located at 7954 N. Wickham Rd, Suites 102 &103 in Melbourne, FL. To book an appointment online, please use our online booking page or call us at 321-848-1847. We offer various spa packages that you can personalize to your unique skin care needs. Come speak with our esthetician to determine what facial enhancement is best to reach your desired goals. If you’re interested in finding out what other treatments we offer, you can check out our spa services page for more information on what other services we offer.