Texture Services

Texture ServicesChange your curly, wavy, or straight hair with texture services from Salon Madeleine! We understand that hair types vary from person to person. Different hair will respond differently to certain cuts, colors, and treatments. We offer texture services that include keratin treatments and perms. To book an appointment at our salon for texture services, please call us at (321) 848-1847.


How Do I Know What Service To Get?

If you’re not sure exactly what texture service to get to reach the hair goals that you’re looking for, don’t worry. During your appointment, one of our stylists will have a short consultation with you. Before service, you can discuss and show pictures of your desired look. Below are a few recommendations that our stylists may make for your hair requests:

If You Want Smoother Hair:

Looking for smoother hair? We may recommend trying a straightening service such as a keratin treatment.

If You Want More Volume:

Many clients want to add volume to their hair. This common request is often remedied with a full or partial perm service. This treatment is a volumizing technique for those with thin or straight hair. This request most often comes from those with thinner hair.

If You Want Thicker Hair:

For clients with thin hair wanting to achieve thicker hair texture, a full or partial perm may also do the trick. Be aware, clients with thin hair may have to have these services more often than those with thick hair.
*Please note that these are only possible recommendations. Our stylists at Salon Madeleine will use your consultation time to speak with you about the best course of action for your hair type and texture.*

Texture Services We Offer


Keratin Smoothing Treatment

A keratin treatment is a chemical process that alters the hair. It turns unruly or frizzy hair into smooth and relaxed hair that is both manageable and shiny. Traditional keratin treatments also aim to strengthen the hair and can last up to 3 to 5 months. Salon Madeleine offers two types of keratin treatments, Cezanne and Brazillian Blowouts.
Cezanne is a unique blend of non-toxic, naturally safe ingredients. They are 100% formaldehyde-free and effective in smoothing. The Cezanne blend is hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested. This means that it won’t irritate the scalp or release a strong odor. It also will strengthen the hair and restore broken bonds. This restores any damage caused during thermal processes. This smoothing treatment comes in classic, express, instant and blonde formulations.
Brazillian Blowout is leading in the hair smoothing industry. This treatment is great for de-frizzing and reducing curl. Clients will still be able to have their hair in a soft curl pattern if desired. This will make blowing the hair out much quicker and easier.
To book an appointment for a keratin treatment, or if you have any questions about the treatment process, please call us today at (321) 848-1847.


What exactly is a perm? It is a process done by your stylist using ammonium thioglycolate. This chemical alters the structure of the hair to curl or wave it. Depending on hair length and thickness, short or long hair perm is available. Depending on how curly a client wants their hair, different perms can get you there. Some of the various types of perms are:
  • Spiral Perm
  • Body Wave
  • Spot Perm
  • Pin Curl Perm
To book an appointment for a short or long hair perm, or if you have any questions about the perm process, please call us today at (321) 848-1847.

Texture Services For Men

Texture treatments like those stated above are most popular among women. But, more and more recently men are also getting texture treatments for their hair. These treatments are the same options as women, including perm and keratin treatments. If you are a man looking for our hair services or know someone who is, please give us a call today at (321) 848-1847 to book an appointment.

Benefits Of Texturized Hair

Adding texture or movement to your hair will not only make your style more modern but can make you look younger. A client’s look can transform with texture treatments and services at Salon Madeleine. The many benefits of texturized hair include, but are not limited to:
  • Adds Volume
  • Reduces Frizz
  • Creates Manageable Hair
  • Easy Detangling
  • Adds Shine
  • Long-Lasting Results

Contact Salon Madeleine for Texture Services and More

At Salon Madeleine, we are proud to use Aveda products to enhance the hair types and textures of all clients. We match you with the perfect stylist that will work with you to make your hair goals a reality. It doesn’t matter what style or texture treatment you’re looking for. Our experienced stylists will deliver the look you’re after. To contact us about booking a consultation, appointment, or for any other inquiries, please call us at (321) 848-1847. You can also book online with our easy-to-use appointment software. Interested in taking your Salon Madeleine appointment to the next level? Treat yourself by booking one of our spa services before or after your hair appointment. We hope to see you soon!