Skin Treatment

When you come to Salon Madeleine and receive a facial skin treatment you expect an experience that is relaxing and divine. Something that will leave you feeling refreshed. 

What we offer at Salon Madeleine is a skin treatment that is not only performed with your skin specifically in mind, but one that is handled with care and attention to detail. We want you to come to us because we offer the best and most relaxing experience. 

How we offer this is through a custom experience with a skin specialist that is meant to fulfill all your personal skincare needs. 

Our Process

Before we can even begin the facial process we must first identify the right skin treatment plan for you. This includes a consultation with our certified clinical esthetician to try and understand you. What fragrances do you enjoy, what kind of skin do you have, and how we can best help you relax. A skin treatment is meant to be an experience and we want to guide you through that. 

Once we have identified your skin’s needs we can start getting into the actual facial treatment service. These treatments will cleanse and exfoliate and hydrate your skin so it can bring out your skin’s natural beauty. 

We do so through a combination of products, aromas, and techniques that our clinical esthetician has chosen specifically for you. 

Basic Facial

Our Tulasara Facial Treatments, are a beautiful Aveda skin treatment we offer to everyone and can customize to each guest. It comes in options of 30, 60, or 90 minutes and each comes with facial brushing along with not only a face massage and upper body massage but hand and arm and peppermint scalp massage included. In all Tulasara Facials,. 

Feel the stresses of the day leave as you lay in our treatment room and experience the wondrous feeling that only comes from a Salon Madeleine Aveda facial. Your skin will reap true benefits from this treatment if you do it on a regular basis. Try doing a series of three treatments. You get 15% off the series and really get the opportunity to experience what it’s like to receive regular facial treatments.

After one treatment, you will notice a difference. But with repeated treatments, your skin will look younger, be more clear and healthier. We hope that our passion for healthy skin will shine through as you receive our treatments and experience the possible anti-aging effects of skincare.

Enhancement options

We offer multiple enhancement options that go deeper than a basic facial. These are meant to bring out the best in your skin and can be added on to any treatment. Through our consultation period, we can recommend which of these enhancement options is best for you and how they will improve your skin treatment experience.

Our enhancement options include

  • GLOW Perfecting Plant Peel Enhancement
  • Energize and Restore Eye Treatment Enhancement
  • Facial Cupping
  • AVEDA Hand & Arm or Foot scrub treatment
  • LED Light Therapy
  • Guasha Stone Facial Massage

Ask our esthetician for details on each enhancement and how they can help improve your facial experience. 

Dual Exfoliation Peel

The dual exfoliation peel will not only help improve the hydration in your skin and encourage smoothness, but it can help reduce the appearance of your pore size. We always recommended you receive these in a series as that is the best way to see the effects of the peel.

When receiving a series of dual exfoliation peels our esthetician will recommend how often you need to receive these treatments during your consultation period. 

The dual exfoliation peel is great for helping with:

  • Hyper Pigmentation
  • Acne Scarring
  • Acne Pitting
  • Anti-aging
  • Wrinkles and lines

These appointments are for those who really embrace the value of skin treatment and want to see the best out of their skin at all times.

How often should I come in for skin treatment with a skin specialist?

One of the most important parts of keeping your skin clear, young, and healthy is consistent facials. We highly encourage scheduling a series of appointments with our skin specialist. How often these appointments are scheduled will traditionally depend on your skin as some clients are in need of more consistent treatment to give them the best possible care. Others might be able to wait longer. That said, once a month is a pretty normal schedule for most of our clients. 

Let’s schedule an appointment!

It’s time to start taking the best care of you. Our facial treatments are specifically designed to give you the best possible skin treatment so you can feel younger, healthier, and more relaxed.

You know you deserve this. Schedule a consultation with a skin specialist and you will see what it is that makes our facial treatments special. Come experience the difference when holistic Aveda products are combined with clinical treatments and the knowledge behind it.  We can’t wait to see you and get you on the path towards healthier and younger skin.  Check out our reviews and before and after skin treatment on our Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest page and check out our blog for beauty tips and  Then book an appointment online or call Salon Madeleine at 321-848-1847. We are located at 7954 N. Wickham Rd. Suites 102 & 103, Melbourne, FL 32940.