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Here at Salon Madeleine, we pride ourselves on using the most advanced Aveda products to enhance our customers’ beautiful hair. This especially applies to finding the right hair colorist for colored or lightened hair, as there are specialized products that help maintain your hair’s health and your coloring treatment’s longevity. 

We offer a number of different services for any kind of coloring service you desire, from a single process root touch-up to a hand-painted balayage or vibrant fashion color. No matter what kind of coloring treatment you want, the hair colorists at Salon Madeleine can help you achieve the perfect color.

About Aveda Hair Color

Salon Madeleine is proud to offer Aveda Color products in our salon. These coloring treatments are made from the most natural of ingredients, with 93% of their compositions coming from plants, minerals, or water. They are also customized for your hair’s needs and are fade-resistant. 

The Aveda difference does not stop at just the treatments used by a hair colorist. With our Color Conserve line of products, you can prevent your vibrant color from fading. Here is a list of the complete line of Color Conserve products that the stylists here at Salon Madeleine wholeheartedly recommend:

  • Color Conserve shampoo
  • Color Conserve conditioner
  • Color Conserve strengthening treatment
  • Color Conserve daily color protect

We also offer both regular and starter Color Conserve sets, so you can get all of these amazing products at once.

Color and Lightening

Using our beloved line of Aveda coloring products, we offer a number of different single process coloring services. These services come with a complimentary Aveda ritual shampoo and a beautiful finishing style.

  • Base Color Retouch
  • Global Color
  • Semi/Demi Blending Color Gloss
  • Dimensional or Block Color


Salon Madeleine offers multiple different highlighting options for you and your hair. Our stylists can help you determine the best treatment for you and your hair using our Aveda conditioning or bond building treatments. 

You can choose from three different styles of highlighting services performed by our Salon Madeleine stylists:

  • Foils
    • Salon Madeleine offers three types of foil treatments:
      • Halo/Face-Framing
      • Partial
      • Full Head
  • Balayage and Ombre
    • Salon Madeleine offers four different types of balayage or ombre treatments, all of which are hand-painted:
      • Halo/Accent
      • Partial
      • Full Highlight
      • Special Ombre Effects
  • Blonding
    • Salon Madeleine offers two different blonding treatments:
      • Root Retouch
      • Global

Shine Treatments 

Aveda’s signature shine treatments are proudly offered by the stylists at Salon Madeleine. It is very simple and easy to add to your current haircut or coloring treatment and only takes five minutes to apply. Not only that, but it helps restore the natural beauty of your hair and lasts up to twenty washes.

Fashion Coloring and Vibrant Color

If you want a more unconventional coloring treatment, we recommend undergoing a fashion coloring treatment with Aveda Vibrant Color. This vegan and naturally derived coloring treatment is created by our team of expert stylists hand-creating the best color for you. Our stylists also apply the Aveda Vibrant Color in a variety of different ways:

  • Color Dip
  • Color Frame
  • Color Melt
  • Color Drench
  • Color Undercover

More Services

If you want to give your coloring treatments an additional pop of shine, consider adding on a gloss treatment. The ColorMelt Gloss treatment is recommended, as it is made specifically for newly-colored hair. You can also add another base color to create a seamless and beautiful new look.

If you have more troublesome hair, we recommend that you choose from one of our premium Aveda Treatments. For only twenty dollars when bought with a haircut or coloring treatment, you can help reverse hair and scalp damage. The stylists here at Salon Madeleine offer three different treatments to help you and your hair thrive:

  • Aveda Botanical Express Dry Treatment
    • If you have dry hair, this moisturizing treatment can help nourish your hair up to 86% more using naturally-derived pomegranate and buriti oils.
  • Aveda Botanical Express Damage Treatment
    • If your hair has experienced damage, this repair treatment can help strengthen your hair up to 84% more using naturally-derived quinoa protein and sugar beet, along with amino acid.
  • Pramasana Scalp Treatment
    • You cannot have healthy hair without a healthy scalp. That is why this scalp facial uses naturally-derived seaweed extract and oils in order to bring your scalp back to health.

Pure Privilege Rewards

As an Aveda salon, we are proud to offer the Pure Privilege program here at Salon Madeleine. With a one-time fee of ten dollars, you’ll be able to collect points that can be redeemed for a number of different rewards. Here are just a sample of the benefits you can receive by joining the Pure Privilege program at Salon Madeleine:

  • Receive a birthday gift
  • Exclusive offers
  • Earn points through purchasing Aveda products

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If you are interested in receiving a coloring treatment using the most advanced ingredients around, give the stylists at Salon Madeleine a call at 321-848-1847 today!