Precision Haircuts

Precision Haircuts

Looking to change up your look with a new, stylish hair cut? At Salon Madeleine, we create precision haircuts that can create a look you’ll love. Nothing boosts confidence like a fresh haircut and style! All of our salon haircuts include an Aveda ritual shampoo and finish style to ensure you’re exuding confidence when you leave! We offer precision haircuts for short, short to medium, and medium to long hair. We can also provide additional services, including blowouts and heat style, bond-building reconstructing treatment, and haircuts for children under 12. You can learn more about our prices by visiting our salon services page

At Salon Madeleine, we have an artist for your beauty budget. If you are looking for a budget price but still keeping in mind a quality haircut, one of our ‘new talent’ stylists can help! Our established stylists are a great choice if you’re looking for a salon artist with a bit more experience and our master stylists have proven themselves through benchmarks, education, and experience and can provide you with a haircut on point for your lifestyle. No matter if you choose new talent, established talent, or master stylist you’ll love your precision haircut.

Find The Perfect Trendy Precision Hair Cut for You

Hair is almost like an accessory, it can enhance our look and create a statement. That’s why finding the perfect haircut for you is important! Our stylist can help transform your look or if you have a reference we can help match that look to fit you. Our stylists love doing pixie cuts, bobs, long layers, and more! We also have stylists that specialize in curly hair.

Textured Haircut

A textured haircut is a great way to create a textured look that isn’t too high-maintenance when you’re looking for a quick and easy style on those days you just don’t have the time!

Fringes and Bangs

Looking for a fringe or to bring back bangs? We’ll help you find the right fringe or bang to fit your face and hairstyle and lifestyle.

One-length Haircut

A one-length haircut is great for long and mid-length hair. This classic haircut is great for updos of all types! Although this isn’t a ‘statement’ piece it can help you create a statement piece!

Pixie Haircut

The pixie haircut is a cute and adorable look that is an easy style to manage. And even though it is a very short cut you can create beautiful hairstyles! Maybe even ask for a temple undercut for more definition and statement!

Curly Crop Haircut

If you want to embrace your curls without having to spend hours styling it the curly crop is a great haircut for you! This cut is a great way to let your curls and facial features shine.

Feathered Haircut

The feathered haircut is a blast from the past! This haircut is a great way to add extra volume if you’re often faced with flat hair and it’s easy to style.

Precision Haircut in Melbourne, Florida

At Salon Madeleine, we know choosing a stylist you can trust with your haircut is a big decision. That is why the stylists at Salon Madeleine strive to give you the ultimate haircut experience you are looking for. The choice is up to you, choose from new talent, established stylists, or master stylists, but no matter who you choose be assured that you will receive a thorough consultation with an artist that has your ultimate satisfaction in mind. Check out our reviews and before and after lash lifts on our Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest page and check out our blog for beauty tips and  Then book an appointment online or call Salon Madeleine at 321-848-1847.  We’re located at 7954 N. Wickham Rd., Suites 102 & 103, Melbourne, FL 32940, and are open Tuesday – Saturday!