LED Light Therapy

LED light therapy is quickly becoming one of the most popular non-invasive skin enhancements to be added on at our salon. Whether you’re just learning about this treatment now or you’ve seen it on your favorite celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian or Jessica Alba, let us enlighten you on how this relaxing treatment can help you to reach your skin goals.

What is Light Therapy?

The LED light therapy treatment uses LED light to help the skin. If you don’t know what LED is, it stands for light-emitting diode. This specific type of light originally was developed by NASA for plant growth but has shown vast improvements in different skin issues in this current time.

Our LED light therapy enhancement uses varying wavelengths of light that are non-invasive to trigger your body’s natural cell process and accelerate rejuvenation and repairing the skin. You may be an excellent candidate for this treatment if you have not gotten the results you were looking for using over-the-counter medication. We recommend several treatments to obtain the maximum results. Two different types of light can be used: blue and red LED lights.

Blue Light

Using blue light on the face is excellent for killing any bacteria that may be causing acne issues in the skin. It is also great for healing any wounds or burns on the skin. Experts believe that this blue LED light can reduce sebaceous activity in the glands, which can produce less oil, reducing acne at the same time.

Red Light

Red light may be one of the most commonly known and used types of the LED light. It has shown that this color light may improve acne scarring and anti-aging issues like lines and wrinkles. Red LED light can also reduce any inflammation that you may have. Estheticians have noted that the red light can act on fibroblasts that produce collagen and help heal the skin when getting this treatment.

Our Light Therapy Process

Our esthetician will make you comfortable on our facial bed before your treatment. Here at Salon Madeleine, we require that each client must wear eye-protective goggles so that the LED light does not harm your retinas. Each session is short and will last roughly 20 minutes each. Our esthetician may suggest scheduling other sessions to ensure you are receiving the most benefit from the treatment. Our estheticians can do this enhancement on any part of the body, but individuals commonly use it on the face. 

LED Light Therapy Benefits

Unlike facial treatments such as laser therapy, LED light therapy doesn’t cause any burns to the skin and is suitable for regular use on all different types of skin tones and textures. According to The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology, this type of light therapy has a high safety record. A few of the known benefits of LED light therapy are that:

  • It aids in wound healing
  • It helps to calm inflammatory skin conditions
  • It helps with acne
  • It brightens dull skin
  • It helps to reduce sun damage
  • It helps to minimize scarring visibility
  • Reduces signs of aging

Details For After Treatment

No recovery is required with this procedure. After you leave your appointment, you will be able to participate in any activities that you had planned. 

The efficacy of this treatment is higher each time you have another session. We suggest about ten. As previously mentioned, more sessions may be scheduled to maintain any results. Please note that the effects of LED light therapy are not permanent. You must continue to get treatments to keep the results you may have obtained from previous light therapy sessions.

Safety Precautions

LED light therapy is overall safe for everyone. It is a non-invasive enhancement that you can add to your service that should not cause any pain. However, if any side effects occur, such as inflammation or rashes, please contact your doctor. Specific individuals who take medication that may interact with this light treatment should avoid taking part in this type of facial enhancement.

LED Light Therapy Enhancements at Salon Madeleine

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