Lash Tint

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to switch up your look is with a lash lift and tint. No matter what, we’re all interested in getting dark and defined lashes. Imagine not having to put on mascara! Getting a lash tint usually goes hand in hand with a lash lift, which we also offer here at Salon Madeleine. Our lash tint services are a way to draw attention to your eyes without having to splurge on eyelash extensions.

What Is A Lash Tint?

Lash tints are a relatively quick process consisting of a professional licensed beautician adding dye to your eyelashes to create full, dark lashes without wearing mascara. Before coming to your appointment, we ask that you don’t wear any mascara. We want to ensure that your lashes are as clean as possible and absorb the dye from the tint properly without obstacle. During the process, you will lay down on our comfortable facial bed, and we will apply the lash tinting dye. After a quick bit of time, your technician will be finished, and you can be on your way! Simple as that.

Lash Tinting Benefits

  1. No need for mascara: You can skip the mascara when getting ready. Your eyelashes will already be ready to go! No more clumpy lashes!
  2. Darkens light eyelashes: If you were born with blonde or lighter colored eyelashes, lash tinting can darken your lashes and make them more visibly dramatic.
  3. Great for active lifestyles: If you have an active daily lifestyle, you may not have the time to put on mascara, or you may have it run down your face while running errand to errand.
  4. More dramatic wide-eyed look: Lash tinting will immediately add drama to your lashes and bring focus to your eyes. Not only will your lashes look darker, but they will appear longer and fuller because they’re more defined.

Lash Tint Contraindications

While most people can get lash tints without issue, there are a few people who may need to stay away from getting their lashes tinted. If you have an eye infection or eye condition at or around the time of your scheduled service, please reschedule or speak with your doctor before considering getting this treatment.

Lash Tint Vs. Lash Extensions

If you’re looking for full fluttering lashes that, unfortunately, we can’t all be blessed with, then you’ve probably looked into adding lash extensions. In the lash extension process, you will have faux lashes glued onto your natural eyelashes to add the perfect amount of volume to get the look that you’re wanting. Lash extensions usually last around 4-6 weeks, depending on care. However, for lash tints, less maintenance is required and last a few weeks longer than if you were to have extensions put on. Another difference between the two is that lash tints are cheaper and take less time to have done.

Lash Tint FAQ

What is the dye made of?

The lash dye we use here at our Aveda salon is a vegetable dye that will not harm the eyes in any way. We DO NOT use hair dye on the lashes.

Is eyelash tinting safe?

The short answer is yes. Eyelash tinting is 100% safe as long as it is being done by a licensed professional. Here at Salon Madeleine, we offer high-quality lash dye and keep all of our tools safe and clean.

Will the dye irritate my eyes?

This service should be completely painless. Those who find that they have sensitive eyes may want to avoid getting this procedure done. As with any service produced near the eyes, there is a chance that the eyes may become irritated. If you wear contacts, we suggest that you take them out before the service is started for the safety of your eyes. *On the off chance that you feel pain in your eyes during the service, the technician will flush out your eyes.*

How much does lash tinting cost?

We offer lash tinting for $30. If you’re interested in getting both a lift and a tint done, we will give you our combo price of $70 for both services.

How long does lash tinting last?

Lash tinting can last roughly for about 6 weeks if taken care of properly. To properly take care of your lashes after the tint, try not to wear makeup or get them wet for 24 hours after.

Can I still wear mascara?

Yes, you can still wear mascara after you have had your lashes tinted, although you won’t need to. You can wear as little or as much makeup as you prefer after getting a tint.

Lash Lift And Tint In Melbourne, FL

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