If you’ve recently been looking to change up your hair, highlighting is a great option to consider. If you find yourself leaning toward highlighting, you first need to understand the changes that have occurred in the hair industry. Today, highlighting encompasses more than just one technique of brightening the hair. Yes, all of those photos you are considering use different techniques to create each different look. For example, highlighting includes subsections of foils, balayage, babylights, and more. If you’re ready to begin your highlight journey, let us here at Salon Madeleine be the hair vehicle that takes you there.

Here at Salon Madeleine, we offer multiple different highlighting options for your hair. Our expert colorists will be able to help you determine the best technique and treatment for your unique hair using our Aveda conditioning and bond-building treatments. All services will include a personally selected treatment and gloss to ensure that our guests receive the best results possible. For more information about our professional colorists or salon services, please call us at (321) 848- 1847.

Foil Highlights

Foil highlights are the most traditional and well-known type of hair highlighting. The process of highlighting is to separate sections of hair, place them on sheets of aluminum where the hair will then be painted with the lightening solution. While foil highlights are one of the original techniques, it is no longer thick strips of highlight. In fact, foil highlights have modernized quite a bit to make them softer and blend easily into the hair for a more natural look. Foil highlighting does require a bit more maintenance, however, as the highlights often go all the way up to the root of the hair. Salon Madeleine offers three different types of foil highlights:

  • Halo/Face-Framing
  • Partial Highlights
  • Full Head Highlights


Perhaps one of the most popular techniques of highlighting is the balayage. Balayage is a French method of painting highlights into the hair by hand. Unlike typical foil highlights, it starts away from the root to give a more subtle highlighted appearance to the hair. The balayage technique works on all different types of hair textures and is a great option for those who want an easier grow out process with less upkeep. Salon Madeleine offers four different types of balayage highlights:

  • Halo/Accent
  • Partial
  • Full Highlight
  • Special Ombre Effects


Babylights are exactly what you think: extremely natural and subtle. The babylight technique is one in which the hair is lightened in small strands, which in comparison are even smaller than foil or balayage strands. Because babylights are so subtle, we suggest that if you are contemplating this technique that you bring in a photo for us to reference to ensure that you are getting the look that you want. The babylight technique works best on straight or fine hair as it will be noticeable without too dramatic of a change that can overtake the thin hair like balayage might.

Colorful Highlights

No matter what color you desire, vivid, muted, or pastel, color highlights are all the rage at Salon Madeleine. Perhaps one of the most fun types of highlight techniques are color highlights. For those with blonde or lighter hair, adding color will show up quite easily. Darker hair will need to be lightened prior to adding these colorful highlights to ensure that it shows the perfect color. Keep the colored streaks bright by using cool water in the shower and adding in a color conditioner to your routine.


Lowlights are definitely a highlight’s best friend. While highlights are meant to brighten up the hair, lowlights complement the brightness with depth. Whether you’re looking for some cool-toned dimension or rich tones, lowlights can balance out any look. By adding in lowlights, our colorists at Salon Madeleine will be able to shift the tone of your hair all while still keeping a natural look. The darker strands of lowlights are spread out throughout the hair evenly to maintain the perfect color blend.


More than ever, clients are requesting blonding services. Blonding is the perfect spring or summer update to your hair and can be gorgeously maintained all year-round. Blonding utilizes either the foil or balayage technique to bring more brightness and dimension into the hair. Do blondes really have more fun? Find out when you book your blonding appointment at our salon.

Salon Madeleine offers two different types of blonding:

  • Root Retouch
  • Global

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At Salon Madeleine, we pride ourselves on using advanced Aveda products to enhance our customers of all hair types and textures. We will match you with the perfect colorist that will work with you to make your hair goals a reality. No matter what kind of highlighting or coloring treatment that you desire, our colorists will help you to achieve it. To contact us about booking a consultation, appointment or any other inquiries please call us at (321) 848-1847 or book online with our easy-to-use appointment software. Interested in taking your Salon Madeleine appointment to the next level? Book one of our relaxing spa services before or after your hair appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!