Balayage vs Foil: What’s The Difference?

Balayage vs Foil
When it comes to the different forms of highlighting your hair there are two main ways to do it and we are going to compare them, a balayage vs foil. We will go over the differences between them and when is the right time for either. So start it off we first need to recognize when it is the appropriate time to have a balayage and what factors go into deciding if it is the optimal choice.

When To Pick Balayage vs Foil

When you want 4 levels of lift or less: A balayage can typically get you 4 levels of life or less in a single session, which means it isn’t the best choice for those of you who want more than that.
You are new to highlighting: The main reason balayage is so popular is because of the natural hair look it grants which makes it perfect for those of you who are brand new to hair coloring.
People who don’t want a lot of upkeep: Because a balayage is more of a subtle approach to hair coloring clients can go a long time without needing to touch it up.
Perhaps one of the most popular techniques of highlighting is the balayage. Balayage is a French method of painting highlights into the hair by hand. Unlike typical foil highlights, it starts away from the root to give a more subtle highlighted appearance to the hair. The balayage technique works on all different types of hair textures and is a great option for those who want an easier grow out process with less upkeep. Salon Madeleine offers four different types of balayage highlights:
  • Halo/Accent
  • Partial
  • Full Highlight
  • Special Ombre Effects

When To Pick Foiling 

When you want more lift: If you have darker hair and want more of a lift foiling is the best way to go.
If you don’t mind maintenance: Foiling requires more maintenance due to the fact you are making more drastic changes to your hair so it has a little bit of upkeep required.
Foil highlights are the most traditional and well-known type of hair highlighting. The process of highlighting is to separate sections of hair, place them on sheets of aluminum where the hair will then be painted with the lightening solution. While foil highlights are one of the original techniques, it is no longer thick strips of highlight. In fact, foil highlights have modernized quite a bit to make them softer and blend easily into the hair for a more natural look. Foil highlighting does require a bit more maintenance, however, as the highlights often go all the way up to the root of the hair. Salon Madeleine offers three different types of foil highlights:
  • Halo/Face-Framing
  • Partial Highlights
  • Full Head Highlights
Because of how popular both of these methods are it seems only right to compare a balayage vs foil. We offer both of these methods at our salon if you think you know which one you want to go with. If you want to schedule an appointment contact us at 321.848.1847 or click here.