How To Preserve A Shiny And Vivid Hair Color

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How to Preserve Hair Color

Your hair color may look great today, but it is important to remember to take steps to preserve hair color to keep it that way. In the salon, you have just invested in a beautiful new hue of hair dye. It’s a work of art, fully tailored only for you, and you love it. You showed it to friends and colleagues, and you loved the depth, texture, and shine of it. To help keep your big investment looking new and fabulous, here’s what we suggest.

Invest in security for others.

We recommend the Color Conserve Shampoo and Conditioner to prolong the vibrancy of your new color. Without stripping your dye-treated hair, the shampoo cleanses softly and helps keep the color staying bright longer. The conditioner softens the cuticles of your hair, conditions, detangles, and leaves your hair silky, soft, and shiny.

Less often, wash your hair.

Certain hair shades, such as red, can be difficult to preserve. Avoid the shampoo once a week (or more, depending on your hair type) to prevent the dye from going down the drain and extend your look with shampoo.

Switch the heat off.

Although a hot shower sounds fantastic, the color isn’t always so helpful. Hot water can lead to the fading of hair color, so switch the heat down to a lukewarm temperature when you rinse your hair.

Limit the fun you get in the heat.

The summer sun can damage your color. Be sure to throw sun-protective hair items in your beach bag whether you love the sunshine at the beach or the pool. To help protect your hair from sun exposure, use a lightweight, water-resistant UV defense mist all over your hair to prevent damage and dryness. Too much sun can make it difficult to preserve hair color.

Profound disease.

This move is significant, and if you lighten your hair, it is particularly pivotal. Set a date once a week with your hair mask. Color therapies help to nourish color-treated hair and improve it. Look no further than the Damage Remedy Comprehensive Restructuring Therapy if you need deeper repair, which leaves your hair looking good, smooth, and solid.

Refresh it with a gloss.

To get shiny hair that lasts through 20 washes, book an in-salon treatment with us if you want a lift between appointments. You may add a bit of shade, add warmth or coolness, or go for a gloss that is transparent. It takes only 5 minutes to process and can quickly be added or anytime you want to treat yourself to your next hair cut appointment.

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