Best Summer Hair Trends of 2020

If you ended up impulsively giving yourself a new haircut during all those months in quarantine, chances are that you want to head on over to Salon Madeleine to finally fix those choppy cuts once and for all. Thankfully, with summer now fully in swing, you can be one of the first to hop on a new hair trend. Here is a list of some of the summer hair trends you should expect to see more of around town.

Bobs and Other Short Cuts

Although long hair is absolutely beautiful, the summer months could be a bit more heated thanks to all of your hair weighing you down and keeping you warm. That is why shorter haircuts, such as the bob, are so popular especially in Florida. Not only that, but they are also quite more simple to maintain and upkeep.

Bangs of All Types

Face it: you have probably given yourself ugly bangs before, and perhaps you may have done it while locked away in your house. Fear not, as the stylists at Salon Madeleine can save your fringe from disaster. Bangs are having a bit of a moment, but shaggy and side-swept bangs are seeing a big uptick in particular.

Natural Brown Colors

People might expect that blondes would have more fun in the summer, but beautiful rich brunette shades is eye-catching this season. It also does not hurt that brunette colors are more gentle on the hair and do not require strong lightener.

Face Frames

Whether you want to give your framing strands of hair just a touch more brightness or want to lighten your strands completely, framing your face with color is an easy and cost-effective way of giving your hair a simple makeover. This is also recommended for those who want to try a different hair color but do not want the commitment of having a full head.

Grown Out Layers

You have probably been told that layering your hair is more effective than just a simple cut. However, this low maintenance cut gives you more stylistic freedom than layered hair provides. Whether you want to leave it down or wrap it in a bun, one-length hair is a great option for you.

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